Delicata Classic Wine Festival

Emmanuel Delicata is Malta’s oldest family-run winemaker, established in 1907. This fourth generation winemaking company is the island’s largest producer and has received almost a century of  international awards for its wines from France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

As well as producing a wide range of quality Malta wines the company plays an active role in educational and marketed related activities both for the Maltese people and the tourist alike. A good quality locally produced wine will always enhance any holiday planned by the more discerning tourist. Wine has played an important part in the Mediterranean for thousands of years and provides a unique insight into any country’s culture and lifestyle. The crisp, fresh and fruit driven wines produced by Emmanuel Delicata reflect the hot climatic conditions and complement the Mediterranean style of cuisine perfectly.

Cultural events aimed at promoting such culinary combinations are the very successful Delicata Classic Wine Festivals held each year in August at the beautiful Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta, and in Nadur the viticultural heart of Gozo in September. The festivals coincide with the start and finish of the Maltese grape harvest. In 2007, the winery centenary year, two ‘one day’ wine festivals were also introduced in St. Paul’s Bay at the north of the island and in Gozo capital, Victoria.

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